Motorcycle Projects

 In 2011, CAI began to design and manufacture motorcycle gauges. The first ranges developed consisted of Classic and Heritage instruments for marques such as BSA, Triumph and Norton bikes, resurrecting the designs of the authentic instruments that were produced in the 1960s and 70s.

Today, we work with several small OE producers and specialist motorsport customers creating custom solutions, including battery powered gauges and more modern solutions for the café racer builder.

We have recently introduced an OLED screen, capable of displaying far more functions with a brand new processor and software suite. This combined with our range of billet cases and waterproof sealing completes the finishing touch for your build.

Below are some of the examples that we have helped create for our customers.




Midual Motorcycles

A range of gauges designed for Midual Motorcycles

Metisse Motorcycles

A set of instruments designed and manufactured for Metisse Motorcycles

Gladstone Motorcycles

Instrument design for handmade British motorcycle manufacturer Gladstone Motorcycles

Cezeta Scooters

 Instruments designed exclusively for Cezeta (electric) Scooters.

You can see more of the SMITHS Classic Range we have developed at www.smiths-instruments.co.uk/bikes or for further information on our bespoke motorcycle design capabilities, contact us via our contact-us form.