Motorcycle Instruments


CAI started manufacture of gauges for motorcycles in 2011, we started with a Classic range for marques such as BSA, Triumph and Norton bikes that were produced in the 1960s and 70s


Brough Superior

George Brough’s factory stopped making motorcycles in 1940. Sixty eight years later, in 2008, the rights to the Brough Superior name were bought by Englishman Mark Upham. Mark is a Brough Superior enthusiast who has spent his working life restoring classic motorcycles. In 2013 Mark met motorcycle designer and constructor Thierry Henriette, a fellow Brough devotee, and the new company began to take shape.

Today, Brough Superior Motorcycles is respecting its impressive heritage by building an all-new motorcycle without any compromises in terms of technical components or design. The new SS100 employs high quality materials and quality components creating a truly unique, exclusive motorcycle, just as George Brough made in the past

CAI has been working with Boxer Design on the design of a brand new speedometer for the New Brough Superior SS100. The speedometer incorporates our OLED display and has an array of the normal motorcycle warning lights. The motorcycles are currently being built in final prototype form in a custom built factory near Toulouse, where during a recent visit, final software modifications were agreed and the final stage of testing was completed. The Brough Superior SS100 already has significant interest with the first production run being planned soon...


Metisse Motorcycles

With Metisse always having a reputation for never standing still, it was down to the new and current owner of Metisse, Gerry Lisi, to move forward with two ambitious projects. In 2005 a new motorcycle for Metisse was planned: the Mk5. It wasn’t to simply be a new frame kit, but have its own bespoke engine. The ‘Adelaide’ 8 valve engine was designed, machined and assembled at the new Carswell workshops. Following the Metisse philosophy of pioneering progression, the new Mk5 frame and engine incorporate the best of modern design into a leading classic motorcycle.


Midual Motorcycles

Olivier Midy and his associates have created this unique motorcycle. Having developed his own engine from scratch, the twin cylinder engine with a flat profile fits longitudinally in the frame. We have worked on this project with their team to help create what is also a work of art


Old Empire Motorcycles

This was followed by a modern take on the Smiths Chronometric range, emulating the exterior exactly, the only compromise being an LCD in the speedometer and modern robust stepper motor electronics.


Our Motorcycle capabilities


We work with several small OE producers and specialist motorsport customers creating custom solutions, including battery powered gauges and more modern solutions for the café racer builder.

We have recently introduced an OLED screen, capable of displaying far more functions with a brand new processor and software suite. This combined with our range of billet cases and waterproof sealing, is the finishing touch for your build.

You can see more of the SMITHS Classic Range we have developed by clicking here