Marine Instruments

Since 2011, Caerbont Automotive Instruments (CAI) has been developing its competencies in the Marine Sector. We have developed waterproof seals to IP67 for our 100, 86, 80 and 52mm gauges, and have engaged with customers in instances where there is a need for classic styling, round gauges. Gauges can have a range of inputs to satisfy the Marine market.

All of these projects required our unique blend of understanding of the customers styling requirements and functional specification. Using a variety of inputs from simple voltages and resistances to developing solutions to enable us to take measurements forward and astern from a rotary shaft.



Hermes Speedster

Seven Seas, a new yacht company that introduces the most efficient yachts in the world including the newest Hermes Speedster

Andrew's Boathouses

Andrew's boatyard build slipper launches and inshore water craft for freshwater rivers and lakes.


The Daniel Adamson

Bespoke Gauges designed and supplied for the Renovation of "The Danny" tug boat.

Spirit Yachts

A set of instruments designed and manufactured for boat builders Spirit Yachts..


RNLI Lifeboats

A set of tachometers commissioned by the RNLI for their Trent Class Lifeboats.

Panther Boat Project

Mike Pascall's Panther boat project for which we designed a range of bespoke gauges.