Marine Instruments

Since 2011 CAI has been developing its competencies in the Marine Sector. We have developed waterproof seals to IP67 for our 100, 86, 80 and 52mm gauges, and have engaged with customers in instances where there is a need for classic styling, round gauges. Gauges can have a range of inputs to satisfy the Marine market.


Panther Boat Project

The panel below is populated with custom gauges specified by Mike Pascall for his Panther project. It incorporates a depth gauge that is working from an input from his depth sounder. He also has a GPS speedometer and hours counter. All feature LED lighting and the classic 'Smiths' styling.




The Daniel Adamson (The Danny)

As an example of the diversity and range of our work, we were contacted by Seaking Electrical to design and manufacture two shaft tachometers for the restoration work on the steam tug "The Daniel Adamson". The boat had been earmarked for scrapping at Garston but was saved and has been restored by the Daniel Adamson Preservation Society with the help of National Lottery funding.



The gauges measure the revolutions-per-minute of the two fixed-pitch shafts driving the propellers, with one white needle registering forward movement and a second red needle registering backward motion.  Measurement occurs via an indexed toothed wheel fixed on the each shaft.  With the challenging marine environment, each gauge is designed to be resilient in the marine environment and to withstand the vigours of life at sea. They are also LED back lit for display clarity...


The gauges have now been installed, and the Danny, which was recently featured in an episode of the BBC's The One Show on May 5th was launched for public viewing in Liverpool's Albert dock on May 7th and 8th



Royal National Lifeboat Institution

We were asked by the RNLI to manufacture tachometers for their Trent Class Lifeboats. The existing tachometers were found to have poor calibration and the lighting was inadequate. We designed new tachometers to work off the existing senders with LED lighting. The tachometers are waterproof to IP67 and have been successful in their installation.