Top 5 Read CAI Blogs in 2017

In 2017, we have published 26 technical and news articles in our blog for Caerbont Automotive Instruments.  The topics have been wide and varied including a visit by the Aston Martin Owners Club and photographs of Gauges and VW Campers at Busfest 2017.

Here, in descending order, we list the top 5 most popular blogs read in 2017.

5.  History of the Dashboard

Our review of the origins of the dashboard was part of a series of articles looking at motoring history.  In this feature, we looked at the evolution of the dashboard into the multi-functioning and protective type seen in modern car's of today.

4.  New Vacuum Gauge

In April, we launched a new Vacuum Gauge for classic cars.  The new gauge replaced less-reliable mechanical gauges.  Vacuum Gauges are commonly used on Classic Cars to assist with tuning for power, diagnosing engine faults, and for measuring fuel economy.

3.  History of the Tachometer

Motoring history again features in the top 5, with a review of the tachometer.  Incredibly, the first Tachometer is widely considered to have been developed by the German engineer, Dietrich Uhlhorn in 1817.

2.  Gauges for Midual Motorcycle star in BBCs Hairy Bikers

Surprisingly, #2 in the top 5 is an article on the Midual Motorcycles that featured in the "Chicken and Egg" Challenge episode of the BBC's Hairy Bikers.  This was first published in September 2016 and remained a favourite throughout 2017.

1.  History of the Speedometer

The #1 read blog of 2017 was again first published in 2016 (April) and has proved popular since.  Our first review of the history of gauges focused on the Speedometer, looking back at the evolution of an instrument that governs the way that we drive today.

We hope you have enjoyed reading our news and stories in 2017.  We are already researching our motoring history for 2018 and will have news on some exciting new projects for cars, motorcycles and marine applications - watch out for some new product launches soon!  If you are interested in receiving further information on any of the articles or details on new or classic gauges, please contact us on:

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