2016 Review of CAI Gauges News and Blogs

A review of the news and blogs posted by CAI Gauges in 2016.

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Gauges for Midual Motorcycle star in BBCs Hairy Bikers

The Hairy Bikers (BBC2) took on their French challenge (Chicken and Egg) astride 2 Midual Motorcycles featuring gauges supplied by CAI.

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Motorcycle Gauges on Show at Kickback Cheltenham

CAI Gauges for classic motorcycles and motorbikes will be on show on the Digital Speedos stand at Kickback Cheltenham on 21st August 2016

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Gauges for Old Empire Motorcycles

CAI has supplied gauges to Old Empire Motorcycles for their custom made motorbikes

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The New Brough SS100 Motorcycle Gauges

Designed and supplying specialist gauges for the new Brough Superior SS100 motorcycle.

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