History of British Classic Car Names Pre 1939

The names of classic cars such as Aston Martin and Rolls-Royce are known all over the world. We look back to the origins of those famous car brands. Our first of two articles reviewing the history of the names of British car manufacturers focuses on car manufacturers with roots dating back to before the Second World War.

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The Rise of the Electric Car

By 2030, the International Energy Agency predicts that there will be 125 million electric vehicles on our roads. We look at how this will change motoring forever.

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British Automotive Excellence Displayed at XK70 Jaguar Festival

The fields were covered in classic Jaguar cars celebrating the 70th anniversary of the XK Jaguar at the XK70 Jaguar Festival in Shelsley Walsh Hill (9th and 10th June 2018).

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SMITHS Instruments Exhibiting at XK70 Jaguar Festival

In recognition of the historic link with Jaguar, SMITHS Instruments will be on show at the XK70 Jaguar Festival (Shelsley Walsh Hill, 9th to 10th June 2018)

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Measuring the Royal Procession Marching Speed

In 2017, Jaguar Land Rover asked Caerbont Automotive Instruments (CAI) to design and build a speedometer gauge to measure the marching speed of the Royal Procession. This replicated a classic SMITHS gauge supplied decades previously.

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