History of British Classic Car Names Pre 1939

The names of classic cars such as Aston Martin and Rolls-Royce are known all over the world. We look back to the origins of those famous car brands. Our first of two articles reviewing the history of the names of British car manufacturers focuses on car manufacturers with roots dating back to before the Second World War.

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History of the Dashboard

The term 'Dashboard' originated when there were horse-drawn carriages and evolved into the complex and also stylish dashboards seen in the cars of today.

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The History of the Tachometer

A review of the history of the Tachometer, looking at the origins of one of the most used gauges in the world.

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The History of the Speedometer

Regulating the speed of a vehicle by referring to a car's speedometer comes naturally to any driver. In fact, without the speedometer it would be impossible to drive on the UK's roads without breaking the speed limit. So where did this essential item of measurement originate?

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