Special Marine Project for CAI Gauges

CAI has a long standing history of supplying gauges for marine applications, but this was a special project.  Our client was renovating the (The Danny) tug boat and had very specific design requirements.  The renovation was featured on the BBC's current affairs programme, The One Show, on May 5th 2016.  Working closely with Sea King Electrical, we not only developed but manufactured two gauges in 6-weeks from the first development meeting.

The gauges measure the revolutions-per-minute of the two fixed-pitch shafts driving the propellers, with one white needle registering forward movement and a second red needle registering backward motion.  Measurement occurs via an indexed toothed wheel fixed on the each shaft.  With the challenging marine environment, each gauge is designed to be resilient in the marine environment and to withstand the vigours of life at sea. They are also LED back lit for display clarity.

Once renovated, The Danny will be available for private hire for meetings, team building, and special occasions such as wedding receptions, parties and drinks receptions.  It will be possible to cruise on The Danny or hire the vessel when static in Liverpool or Ellesmere Port with other berthing locations being considered on request.  The Danny is being relocated to Albert Dock in Liverpool on 3rd May with a public launch on the 7th or 8th May 2016.

Congratulations to everyone involved in renovating a part of our marine history.

Read more on this particular project at www.caigauge.com/thedanny

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