New SMITHS International Boost Gauge

A new SMITHS International Dual Needle Boost Gauge has been released.  This new instrument features our latest technology using a dual-stepper motor, and has been developed in line with a customer's request from The Motorsport Partnership.

The 'Boost Gauge' measures and records turbocharger or supercharger boost pressure.  It enables the driver to monitor boost pressure which is important  when the engine performance has been increased to higher levels than those set by the original car manufacturer.  Using the Boost Gauge ensures that excessive pressure is not being generated and enables the driver to maximise the performance of the engine.

The new SMITHS Boost Gauge was inspired by the Porsche 911 where, commonly, the Boost Gauge replaces the clock in the dashboard.  

Features of the new SMITHS Boost Gauge include:

  • 80mm diameter to easily fit in the space vacated by the clock;
  • Machined Billet Case;
  • Dual pointer that indicates maximum boost and is re-settable using a remote switch;
  • Calibrated 0-3 bar;
  • Used in conjunction with the PTTR2300-03 series of senders;
  • Waterproof from the front to IP67;
  • Mounting is accommodated by threads into the rear of the case;

The new SMITHS International Boost Gauge is one of a wide range of SMITHS gauges designed for classic cars.

For further information on the Boost Gauge or Gauges for Classic Cars, please contact us on:

Phone: +44 (0) 1639 732200

Email: info@caigauge.com

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