New Cylinder Head Temperature Gauge

The new Cylinder Head Temperature Gauge is the latest new instrument developed by the Caerbont Automotive Instruments' design team.  This is the culmination of two-year's design work with a focus on developing a gauge to replace older technologies for measuring the temperature of the cylinder head in air-cooled engines.  The gauge compliments the extensive range of new and classic instruments, including those with SMITHS-branding.

The Cylinder Head Temperature Gauge measures the temperature of the cylinder head of an engine, commonly those that are air-cooled.  This type of gauge is commonly preferred to oil or water temperature gauges by motoring enthusiasts as the performance data is registered quicker.  Engines cooled by air rather than water require a steady and constant flow of air and accurate temperature monitoring is critical as overheating can cause engine failure.

CAI's new Cylinder Head Temperature Gauge is available in both °C or °F in a 52 mm diameter case.  There are two Thermocouple lengths - 4.5m and 6.6m - with cables suitable for 12mm and 14mm Sparkplug fixings.  The dial face is available in traditional black as well as matching styles for the Volkswagen T2 Camper and Beetle.

"The development of the Cylinder Head Temperature Gauge was not without its challenges," explained Gavin Roberts, CAI's Managing Director.  "Our design team worked closely with an important German customers.  The final approval tests went exactly as planned and we are thrilled to further extend our range of gauges for classic cars and motorcycles."

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