Gauging Success at Goodwood Festival of Speed

"The Goodwood Festival of Speed [staged between 23rd and 26th June 2016] is always a fantastic event for any car or motorcycle enthusiast," stated Gavin Roberts, Managing Director of CAI after exhibiting at the festival in June 2016.  "For us it is an ideal opportunity to meet existing and potential customers and to show visitors the quality and design detail of the gauges that we manufacture here in the UK."

CAI displaying many of their SMITHS Instruments, shared a stand with UK distributor Digital Speedos.  On the stand were specialist designer gauges for a wide range of classic cars including the GT40, Mini Cooper and VW Vans.  In fact, Smiths gauges could be seen on many of the classic cars seen at Goodwood including Norton Motorcycles, Aston Martin DB5 and Caterham 420R.

Over the weekend, in attendance there were over 200,000 visitors and 660 members of the press accredited from all over the world.  Over 10 miles of trackway was laid for visitors to walk on, and there was enough temporary power on site to power the town of Chichester.  CAI with their SMITHS Instruments were one of over 300 exhibitors displaying everything from gauges to toy cars.

"The weather was typically British and the level of interest was just fantastic," said Gavin.  "Many people were surprised to learn that we still design and manufacture the gauges in the UK.  Our company has a great history of UK manufacturing dating back to 1871 and we are continually expanding.

"I don't think that there is another event like Goodwood in the world.  We met people from so many different countries and even Keanu Reeves came across from the USA to take on the FOS Hillclimb.  Not only did we meet existing and potential customers, but the international nature of the event meant we met potential new overseas distributors."

Highlights of the event have been shown on various television and news channels, with further special broadcasts expecting the the coming months.

Gavin is very proud of what the company has achieved.  "I always feel something special when I see a car or motorcycle that has our gauges.  The style and look of different models and makes of car and motorcycle can be unique and the gauges need to reflect that vehicle's identity.  And at Goodwood you get to see more classic cars and motorcycles than at any other event.  As a car enthusiast, sometimes I had to remind myself that I was there working!"

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