Designing Gauges for the Caterham Harrods Seven

When you are asked to design and supply gauges for a special-edition Caterham that has been created in partnership with Harrods, it is time to get excited.

On October 6th 2016, Caterham announced that they had teamed up with Harrods to launch a Signature personalisation programme.  To celebrate the ground-breaking news, Caterham released a special-edition Seven designed by the world-famous department store, Harrods.

Caterham is one of the UK's most famous and recognisable motoring brands.  Harrods is not only a global brand but is also archetypically British, and the partnership results in a uniquely British sports car. 

The Harrods special is on display in the famous London store for the whole of October 2016.  The Harrods Seven is painted in Harrods green, with a custom white stripe and gold pinstripe while, beneath the bodywork, the chassis has been powder-coated in gold.  This is a Caterham 420S with Harrods' bells and whistles and has a price tag of £59,999.

The Harrods styling continues inside the cockpit with butterscotch leather upholstery adorned with the store name and a gold 'H' sits on top of the gear stick.

This is very classically British, merging the style and history of Caterham and Harrods into one amazing car.  It is an automobile to desire.

When asked to design the gauges, it was vitally important that we understood how the two brands were being morphed into one.  In all we designed, manufactured and supplied:

  • The Speedometer;
  • The Tachometer;
  • The Fuel Gauge;
  • The Oil Gauge;
  • The Water Temperature Gauge;

We kept the look of each dial clean and unfussy, using a magnolia background to match the butterscotch upholstery.  Each gauge had a black matt rim, with the Caterham lettering and numbers in a dark grey and all have LED lighting.  We knew the design was right as soon as we saw them mounted in the walnut wood dashboard.

Designing bespoke instrumentation for cars like the Caterham Harrods Seven is where we excel.  With the design and manufacturing team all based in the UK, we work closely with our clients to understand their vision before starting the design.  Further details can be found in the Automotive section on our website.

For further information on gauges and instrumentation supplied for the Harrods Caterham Signature special edition Seven or other specialists Luxury, Sports and Super Cars, please contact us on:

Phone:  01639 732200

Email:  [email protected]

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