David Brown Automotive Mini Remastered Features SMITHS Gauges

David Brown Automotive has applied their rich history of engineering knowledge and skill to reinvent and revive a British motoring icon - The Mini.  From their base at Silverstone Park in Towcester, UK, David Brown Automotive has created the Mini Remastered.  The finished car propels the classic simple Mini into a new stratosphere.  The Mini Remastered is a handcrafted masterpiece.  The small car retains the soul of the sixties whilst being remastered to reflect a motorist's expectations of present day technology and comfort.  The finished product reflects the David Brown Automotive ethos of style, technology and engineering excellence.

David Brown Automotive

David Brown Automotive was conceived by David Patrick Brown in 2013.  Their modern reinterpretation of the classic Mini built between 1958 and 2000, the Mini Remastered, was launched on 6th April 2017.  Alongside the standard remastered model are the:

  • Mini Remastered inspired by 1950's motorcycle movement, commonly known as Cafe Racers;
  • Mini Remastered inspired by the racing history of the Mini and particularly the Monte Carlo rally;

David Brown Automotive has limited production of each special edition to just 25 globally.

Gauging the Mini Remastered

At the beginning of the project, CAI was asked by David Brown Automotive to consider the design of the gauges.  The designs would be strongly influenced by the SMITHS gauges that featured in the classic Mini from 1959.  Using the original SMITHS Instruments drawings, designs and manufacturing instructions, the CAI engineering team designed three SMITHS branded gauges:

  • Centrally located digital Speedometer with integral Fuel Gauge, odometer and trip counter;
  • Water temperature gauge;
  • Tachometer;

Each gauge featured a magnolia-face and classic numerics.  The SMITHS gauges matched the style and panache of the sixties with modern digital technology.  The finished look of the dashboard retains that retro-feel.

'New' Classic Car Projects

The CAI design team has been involved in several projects involving 'new' classic cars such as the Jaguar XKSS.  Many new projects are on the horizon, bringing cars like the classic Mini into the modern age.

For more information on designing gauges for new automotive and motorcycle projects or for details on the range of SMITHS Gauges available for classic Minis, please contact us on:

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