Checking the Speed at Mini In The Park

On the 14th August 2016, a festival for all Mini enthusiasts is taking place at the Santa Pod Raceway in Wellington, UK.  Mini In The Park is a 1-day event showcasing the iconic Mini motorcar, including parts for the repair and restoration of all models and ages of classic and new Minis.

The Mini is established in automotive history as one of the most popular cars of all time.  Loved by millions and driven in countries across the World, the Mini has captured the car enthusiasts imagination like no other.

Mini In The Park is a celebration with events like the Club Mini Push taking place alongside music from The Brighton Beatles.  There is also an extensive exhibition area where suppliers of all things 'Mini' will be showcasing their products and services.

Classic Mini SMITHS gauges will be displayed on the stand of UK distributor Digital Speedos (C7).  SMITHS has been supplying gauges for the Mini for decades and recently published an article about the gauges installed on the Mark II Mini manufactured between 1967 and 1970.

On the stand will be the classic Mini Electronic Speedo.  This digital replacement, dashboard fit, 90mph speedo has a larger OLED panel for odo or trip readout, onboard "drive-to-set" programming, billet case and is fuel gauge programmable for different sender characteristics.  It is also fitted with LED warning lights and is available in black and magnolia.

Other Mini gauges are also available including:

  • the Classic Time Clock for the Mini Millennium;
  • the original Mini Mechanical Speedometer with integrated bi-metal fuel gauge;
  • the Mini Copper Oil Pressure Gauge;
  • the Mini Cooper Clock;
  • the Mini Max Hand Tachometer;

Further details on the range of gauges for the Mini can be found in the Mini devoted section on our website.

Mini In The Park opens at 9am for the general public and is a must for any Mini enthusiast.  We look forward to seeing you there!

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Phone:  01639 732200

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