Challenger Yacht Team Building

Tall Ships staged a fantastic team building event for the employees of Caerbont Automotive Instruments (CAI) on one of their 72ft Challenger Yachts.  Tall Ships is the UK’s oldest and largest sail training charity.  They offer young people, from all walks of life, unique physically and mentally challenging experiences at sea which aim to develop their long-term life skills including team working, confidence and problem solving skills.  In addition to their work with young people, Tall Ships provide adventure voyages for adults which directly support the highly effective Youth Development Programme.

The team building event took place on the seas around Portsmouth on the English South coast.  They crewed Challenger 1, one of four 72ft yachts that were built in 2000 and have since raced around the world several times.

A Complete Sailing Experience

Once aboard, the CAI team quickly morphed into the Voyage Crew under the watchful eye of the Skipper and his Mate.  Being a crew member involves much more than sailing, with the crew taking responsibility for food preparation, maintenance and cleaning.  This was the first time sailing for many of the CAI employees and it took time for some of the crew to find their sea legs.  However, the experience was exhilarating, riding the waves at high speeds, whilst working together as a closely knit team.

Whilst on watch, the crew became involved in:

  • Steering the vessel (on board this is called 'helming');
  • Raising and adjusting the sails (hoisting and setting);
  • Operating the winches;
  • Looking out for other ships (standing watch);
  • General maintenance on board;
  • Helping with the vessel leaving and entering port;
  • Getting involved in Happy Hour (or cleaning!);

The weather was fantastic from the moment the Challenger 1 Yacht set sail.  Clear skies and a fresh wind simply enhanced the experience.

"From many years of sailing, I appreciate the necessity of working together as a team when sailing," explained Gavin Roberts, CAI's Managing Director.  "It was wonderful to see the smiles on everyone's face as we soared across the seas.  Hopefully, this is an adventure that will live on in everyone's memory for a very long time."

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