Our Latest Instruments

Classic style, clarity and high performance:


100mm 'SMITHS' Proled Motorcycle Speedometer

This New Instrument features our latest technology in a clear layout , it is a Speedometer capable of being used for MPH and KMH and has a Trip and Total function, it also has a billet aluminium case and is waterproof from the front to IP67, mounting is accommodated by threads into the rear of the case.

It will be launched at Excel London Motorcycle show in February




MINI Electronic Speedometer

Developed as result of repeated requests from customers, we have created an electronic alternative to the mechanical speedometer originally fitted to the original classic mini.

It features a billet case, drive to set function, programmable fuel gauge characteristic, trip and total in the OLED display

The Speedometer is available in MPH & KMH Versions for 90, 130 and 140, 200

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We have designed a new range incorporating a new XMEGA chip and a brand new software suite to drive an OLED Display, these gauges are available in different packaging for both Automotive and Motorcycle applications, please